...member of:
Skill@Will Australia (2017)
Survivals Czech Republic (2007)
Beat Brothers Squad Czech Republic (2001)

Bboy Dewil (1987) has originally started with street dance (also incorrectly referred to as Hip Hop dance) back in 1999 in Brno city, capital of Moravia – Czech Republic. He took classes in a dance studio called Dynamic Studio 6, ran by Adam Šeda. One year later, he discovered B-boying (commercially known as Break Dance) and fell in love with this dance. His passion for dancing was growing continuously with skills he gained along the way.

In 2001, he left the dance school and co-founded a crew called Beat Brothers Squad with his older brother – Thunder and other three dancers (Doly, Fidak, Devitkar). His main inspiration came from watching VHS like Freestyle Session 2000, Battle Of The Year and the movie Paris Le Defí.

The hunger for travelling and exploring this dance brought him to Paris- France 2003, where he connected with influential bboys like Nabil, Farid and many more. Highly motivated and inspired by the experience from France, he won his first competition at Lords Stylez Hih Hop event, competing in breakin 1vs1 few months after his return. Two months later, with his crew – Beat Brothers Squad – he reached the first success on the national scene – 3rd place at the event called “Free Break Action”.

The following year, his crew started to attack first positions. Visiting Battle Of The Year in BraunSchweig was another important point of inspiration that pushed the crew even further. Their motivation was so strong, that within a year, this mostly unknown crew started to dominate the national scene. Continuous success brought opportunities for Dewil and his crew both on breaking and commercial scene.

Due to the “crisis” in the dance scene in 2007, he co-founded a new breaking crew called Survivals, whose purpose was to keep this dance culture alive and represent the Czech Republic internationally. They marked a new era of bboying in Czech and successfully represented abroad. The Survivals crew soon became well known and respected crew internationally. Although some members of Beat Brothers Squad have moved onto different paths in life, there are still six active members supporting the scene today (Dewil, Thunder, Feer, Panda, Andre, DjJasty).

Although the Survivals crew was representing Czech all around Europe, Dewil’s hunger and passion for dance got him onto another journey of exploration, travelling to Russia, South Korea, Japan and Australia as an individual. In 2012, he moved to Australia and competed nationwide and in Asia-Pacific region. In June 2017, he became a member of well established and respected Australian breaking crew – Skill@Will – which he still continues to represent till today.

In June 2019, he travelled for 4 months around the Japan, representing Australia/Czech on various competitions and established connection with local dancers and most renowned dance crews. He continued onto a journey to Europe and since Jan 2020, he is building the scene back in Queensland, Gold Coast, Australia. 

Not only competitions were building up his passion for dance. Being part of amazing dance community, sharing knowledge, experience, passion, creativity, helping and teaching others simply showed him, that there is much more to be discovered. This unique dance, passion and love, that people constantly share together within this community, became more of a lifestyle he enjoys rather than just a hobby or sport. People, which he met on his way, turned into a worldwide family, opening even more opportunities than ever before.

There was also a commercial influence that helped him to reach his goals and turned dreams into reality. As a talented dancer with broad experience, he entered the world of fashion in 2006. Exhibition malls looked like his new dance floor, where he could express himself and show the audience his creativity. Performing dance shows, as well as fashion shows on the most prestigious events, brought another priceless experience into his dance career.

Although he has been dancing bboying/breakin’ since the year 2001 and his style went through different stages of evolution, his focus in dance remains the same. He believes that musicality, rhythm, energy, creativity and personal expressions are essential elements to find true love within dance and not only there. He still continues in competing, teaching and educating himself in order to develop his style against his vision.

“Success is nothing to be measured by others,
but something to be found within yourself.”